Week Two: World Mythology

This week, we’ve discussed world mythology and listened to our classmates talk about different deities around the world.  Think about the god/goddess you researched.  How do we see them come up in literature?  What about in modern culture?  Why do you think there are so many references to ancient mythology in practically everything?  REMEMBER TO PAY ATTENTION TO PUNCTUATION AND CAPITALIZATION!  When you are done blogging your answer, take a moment to email me your presentation so I can upload it to the website.  My email is waddellk@wilkes.k12.nc.us.

If you need a reminder about what is required on those presentations, you can see that here:

Mythology Presentation Rubric


8 comments on “Week Two: World Mythology

  1. cyndichurch says:

    In literature we see them in books. In modern culture we seen them in movies. I think there are so many references to ancient mythology in practically everything becuase people want to keep the rememberance of them alive and make people be interested in the gods/goddess.

  2. Trevor Parks says:

    The Goddess i researched (Venus) really only comes up in History books, but she comes up in like advertisments like venus razors and venus swimwear, and i think that they reference to everything because they kinda made everything.

  3. Kara says:

    In modern culture we see them in movies, or even television shows! In literature we see them in books, they may be some of your favorites or you may hate them. There are so many references of mythology everywhere. Keeping in our lives and learning about them is very important because they are apart of history and they have contributed the way some of us live.

  4. guadalupeeduardo says:

    Becuase they are very old and famous and most superheros has to do something with god.

  5. danielisrex says:

    We see them come up in fictional stories, or movies, such as Avengers, and Thor. In modern culture they pop up in movies and books like Marvel. Because it is so interesting.

  6. marbella13 says:

    We see “Shiva” in some types of literature, for example:
    Movies, Books, and books about the religion of Hinduisim.
    In the modern culture, you dont see “Shiva” as much as the other Goddesses because they dont make movies about his story or events that happened during his life time.
    I think that ancient mythology is almost everywhere because they are most interesting in some point.

  7. kailtyn1556 says:

    she is seen as the beautiful goddess of marrige in modern culture they repecent the goddess juno by having a festival every year in her honor Because they are an important part of literature

  8. leonel hernandez says:

    We see good as great power gods or violent gods some of them have morals and awkwards story like a brother or a sister getting married together and having child created out of nothing and anyhthing.People like to put gods in there sotries and literature work and i think its a great way to express them adn make the work more interesting and fun to read. because people really inspired them and was talked about always and how can these stories not be told there great and so interesting

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