Week One: The Epic of Gilgamesh

Alright, English II folks.  Here’s the question that I want you to respond to in the comments section below:

What have you learned about the epic as a genre?  How is this useful to you?  What movies or books can you think of that satisfy the requirements of the epic genre?  How do they show those qualities?


Furthermore, when you finish your outline for the movie trailer of the Epic of Gilgamesh, post it below to share with me and your classmates.


68 comments on “Week One: The Epic of Gilgamesh

  1. Trevor Parks says:

    I have learned that epics can be extremely long and also have a hero in them. And the movies/books that i can think of are: Hancock, 300, Spiderman, and many more, but the illiad and the oddessy is epics.

    • Trevor Parks says:

      thats really cool your the best!!!

    • kimberlyw22 says:

      How is 300 an epic? Tell me about it.

    • Wayne Shepherd says:

      This is pretty cool! I’m very impressed with what you guys have learned in only a week. Keep up the good work.

      • kimberlyw22 says:

        Thanks, Mr. Shepherd! Every week we will be blogging on a new topic, so you can check us out anytime. Next week’s topic is concerning world mythology and its echoes in literature throughout centuries upon centuries. The students will be doing presentations on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to educate us about different deities in world mythology and how we see them pop up in literature across the world. Feel free to drop into second period and watch if you would like!

  2. Trevor Parks says:

    (continued from above) and the way they show it is there super powers and there longness

  3. Will Church says:

    I have learned that Epics are stories with heroes or very long poems. The movie 300 and the book of Gilgamesh is an epic.

  4. kara0039 says:

    I have learned that an epic is very long, usually has a serious subject, and is centered on a larger than life hero. For me they are very interesting to read. The series of “Batman” is an epic, along with the novel series “Harry Poter”. In “Batman” the hero is batman and he saves the lifes of the people in trouble around him. That is an example of a larger than life hero. Then in Harry Poter they are fighting to reach a certain point.

  5. I have learned that in this genre you can’t always get what you want. It was useful to me because you don’t always get what you want in life. Batman is a movie that is an epic. I think this because he became a hero in the movie.

  6. Will Church says:

    An epic reminds me of stories such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and so forth. A heroe is a man that stands up to a bigger and stronger villain. A heroe has powers like no other man.

  7. danielisrex says:

    I have learned that epics are genres that are a long poem that envovleslager-than-life hero. It helps me know what movies are epic, and anwser these questions. Some examples are 300, Superman,Spiderman, Hulk and more. They show these qualities because they have evrything that an Epic should have. Such as they usally are very long, they always have a superhero, and more.

  8. lh says:

    about the genre i believe everyone worrys about death and nobody knows how it feels likes. helps you understand what to expect .i think 300 would be a good explain because king xirse believes his an immortal and spartans want to prove him worng .there qualities are similar because they have something to do with immortality and making a point

  9. sarahowings says:

    I have learned that the epic was a journey for Gilgamesh to fine immortality and you cant always get what you always want and that its not always fair because its life. I can think of movies that use immortality and journeys that satisfy the requirements to the epic genre, like Percy Jackson or Hancock. They all show immortality and adventures.

  10. rossisbetterthanyou123 says:

    that it has something to do with amazing people that do amazing things. I think the movie 300 is an epic. Because 300 spartens fight off 10 times more immortals.

  11. amandakilby says:

    I’ve learned that epics don’t have to be boring. I’ve learned that they are long, they have a hero figure, gods and godesses, and have a decent into the underworld. This helps me because I’m going to need to remember this for our EOC most likely. Harry Potter is an example of an epic, and honestly the only example I can think of.In Harry Potter he is a heoro, that fights evil beings from the underworld, and there are many parts to it, so it’s long.

  12. rachelcaudill says:

    I’ve learned that an epic is very long and serious, also has hero’s and immortal life or someone is trying to get immortality . It’s helps me understand the history of the heros and Gods. I think of Percise Jackson and the lightning thef, because he’s the son of one of the Gods and had he has to fight other Gods to get back the lightning.

  13. I have learned that epics feature expansive stories on a grand scale, amazing batttles, incredible heros, supernatural characters, and grand tales of journies and quest. I can now identify what makes something an epic allowing me to find more epics to read. Conan even though it’s a boring movie meets the requierments for an epic, Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy. The all feature supernatural enemies and fantastic heroes!

    • kimberlyw22 says:

      Great! Paradise Lost is my personal favorite epic. I’m pretty devastated that they aren’t going through with the movie. You said you prefer Paradise Regained. Why?

      • It didn’t take me seven months to read,just kiding. I like that it showed that everything thing that was once lost will be regained and it is possible to be reedemed.

      • kimberlyw22 says:

        Those are excellent reasons. Paradise Lost can take a while, but it is so worth it. Milton’s language drips with double-edged meaning, and it is packed full of things that we could debate for, well, an eternity! My favorite thing about Paradise Lost is the idea that Hell is the absence of hope. In many ways, I think this is true. But, as Satan also says, “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..” So, my message to you and the rest of the class for this semester is, “Awake! Arise or be forever fallen!” 🙂 See you in class on Monday!

  14. cyndichurch says:

    I already knew a lot about eoics before we began talking about epics. Usually for an epic I think of when someone says “epic fails” or “DUDE that movie was EPIC!”. Like awesome, cool, funny, outstanding. Movies that I can think of that satisy the requirements of the epic genre is fighting movies or movies about creepy things. For example Twilight, The lord of the rings, and Happy Potter. Twilight shoes those qualities because there is a whole lot of fighting in it and sometimes it gets scary because they fight. In the lord of the rings there are fights and also in Harry Potter there are fights between others.

  15. kailtyn1556 says:

    I learned that epics usaly have heros and there on a quest for inmoretality. I now know what a epic is and a movie that would fall under the epic genre is hancock because he is a hero he has a quest.

  16. marbella13 says:

    I have lerned that epic is a type of writing that talks about heroes and legendary figures.
    Epic is useful for me because you can understand different kinds of writing, I really enjoy reading epic stories or watching movies.
    300, The Ten Commandments, Avatar,Star Wars, Titanic are some examples that i know are epic.
    They show their qualities by their powers. 😀

  17. kristenclanton says:

    What I have learned about the epic genre is that they have immortals and heros. This is useful because I could use it in the future. A movie that would meet the requirements would be Harry Potter. Voldemore and Harry Potter are both immortal is how they show the qualities.

  18. matthewphillips853 says:

    Epics can come in many forms like poems (the oddessy) or like stories(the epic of Gilgamesh) but i think that some really good example of an epic is the movie “O’brother where art though” it is a newer version of the oddessy.

  19. marbella13 says:

    I learned that epic is a genre about heroes and heroic deeds .
    300, Titanic, Avatar, Harry Potter are some examples of the epic genre.
    They show those qualities by their powers, and their immortality.

  20. jonescolt12 says:

    An Epic is centered around the exploits of a “hero” who goes through many trials and at the end has learned a life lesson. They are generally really long and like before most of the time contain a moral related to the theme of the story. It is useful because often the morals that are taught in Epics are related to what we go through everday, and we can learn from someone elses’ mistakes or still make our own and learn them. A few examples of Epics would be Harry Potter, Superman, Green Lantern, The Avengers etc…. In all those movies listed above, all the main heroes exhibit kindness and compassion as well as respect and the want to keep people they love safe. All of the above also learn morals for example, Harry Potter- Strive for what you want and never give up, Green Lantern- You can do anything if you just believe in yourself, and the Avengers- sometimes its better to work together and use each others strengths rather than to try to solve problems individually. I think the theme for the Epic of Gilgamesh was that Be content with your lot in life, you have to live it to the fullest because you never know when it is going to end.

    • kimberlyw22 says:

      Excellent, Colt! Do you enjoy epics? How can you apply this knowledge about the genre to your own life?

      • jonescolt12 says:

        I enjoy the movie part of Epics, but i don’t really like the Literature part. And, i could if i wanted to do so take the morals from the stories and apply to them to my life and actually live my life like it was the last day i would see. I definitely could do with having a bi more faith in myself than i do right now.

        ~I think that was what you wanted to know?

      • kimberlyw22 says:

        Yes, Colt. I hate to hear that you don’t enjoy literary epics. Maybe we could find one for you. Also, you need to work on having faith in yourself! You’re a smart guy; believe it.

      • jonescolt12 says:

        Well, I have read the Percy Jackson series, if you know what that is? And, i enjoyed them greatly i even bought a few of them, but i don’t know if they would be considered epics or not.

  21. beastykirbz says:

    What i learned about the epic gerne it very “all over the place” something differnt happens every page. it makes it more entertaining. “Cold Moutian”, ” The Odessy”, “oh brother where art thou”. There are trying to acomplish something that covers the whole story

  22. beastykirbz says:

    (continued) and very very long storys

  23. danielisrex says:

    Movie Trailer: The Epic of Gilgamesh

    1. Cast:
    a. Gilgamesh- Shia Babeuf
    b. Enkidu- Adam Sandler
    c. Untnapishtim- Robert Downey Jr.
    d. Ishtar- Megan Fox
    2. 3 key scenes that trailer would show
    a. Scene: Descent into hell: Because that would be interesting
    b. Scene: Flood: Because it would show death
    c. Scene: Dream: To show that someone dies
    3. Music: 300 Violin Orchestra
    4. Tagline: Do you know what immortality feels like?
    5. Rating: PG-13

    • danielisrex says:

      I picked that music because it make the trailer seem more interesting.
      I picked Shia because he is great for being a hero.
      I picked Adam because he would make the dream funny in a way.
      I picked Robert because it fits him perfect.
      I picked Megan because she looks like she could be sweet.
      I picked that tagline because the epic revolves around immortality.
      It is PG-13 because it isnt meant for kids but it doesn’t curse or show anything inappropriate.

  24. Movie Trailer: The Epic of Gilgamesh

    1. Cast
    a. Gilgamesh: Taylor Launter. I would love to see him play this part in the movie.
    b. Enkidu: Tanning Chatham. I like his muscles.
    c. Unatnapistim: Eric church. I think he could play this part good.
    d. Ishtar: Taylor Swift
    2. 3 key scenes that trailer would show
    a. Scene: Descent into hell: This would explain what the ‘Underworld’ was like.
    b. Scene: Flood: This would show how he dies.
    c. Scene: Dream: This would show the reason why the whole movie was out.
    3. Music: The music from braking dawn
    Tagline: Do you want to go to the underworld?
    Rating: R for violence

  25. Trevor Parks says:

    Movie Trailer: The Epic of Gilgamesh

    • Gilgamesh- Sylvester Stallone- because he is the bomb
    • Enkidu- Peter Griffin – he’s cool and he is hilarious
    • Utnapishtim- Adam Sandler because he’s really funny and it would add awesomeness and comedy
    • Ishtar- Barbara Blank- she’s the absolute bomb

    3 scenes to show:
    • Scene- The dream
    • Scene- descendent to hell
    • Scene- the flood

    • 300 violin orchestra
    • The Ride to Immortality
    Movie rating:
    • R rated
    I believe that my epic should be a comedy because
    It can show parody, and also all the people in it are funny
    And it also will show that even though this is serious some people don’t want to see a movie about a man’s journey that is kind of dull you want excitement and funny things in it so that is why I want mine to be an EPIC COMEDY!!!

  26. cyndichurch says:

    Movie Trailer: The Epic of Gilgamesh

    1. Cast:
    a. Gilgamest: Scotty Mccreery because he is cute
    b. Enkidu: Hunter Hayes because he’s a cutie
    c. Utnapishtim: Will Smith because I think he is a great actor
    d. Ishtar: Carrie Underwood because I love her voice
    2. 3 key senses that trailer would show
    a. Scene: finds the planet
    b. Scene: flood
    c. Scene: in the garden of Gods
    3. Music: Dramatic music
    4. Tagline: YOLO. Or do you?
    5. Rating: PG 13

  27. kara0039 says:

    Movie Trailer: The Epic of Gilgamesh

    1. Cast:
    a. Gilgamesh: Sean Aston, I picked him because he’s a strongly willed character.
    b. Enkidu: Rupert Grint, because he seems like the person to die.
    c. Ishtar: Angelina Jolie, because she is a very determined character.
    d. Utnapishtim: Mel Gibson, because he is a very strong character.
    2. 3 key scenes that trailer would show
    a. Scene: The scene of where Enkidu has the dream of dying. The reason I picked this scene is because I think it is a very important part of showing foreshadowing.
    b. Scene: Descent into hell: This would explain what the ‘Underworld’ was like.
    c. Scene: The scene where Gilgamesh is on a quest to save Enkidu. This scene is important because it too also shows his love and affection for Enkidu.
    3. Music: Suspenseful music
    4. Tagline: Friends stick together no matter what!
    5. Rating: PG-13

  28. rossisbetterthanyou123 says:

    Ross canter
    1.) Cast
    A. Gilgamesh: Jonah Hill
    B. Enkidu: Adam Sandler
    C. Utnapishtim: Chris Farley
    D. Ishtar: Will Feral
    2.) 3 key scenes
    1. When they go to hell
    2. The battles they have
    3. The gate where the wine women is
    3.) Music – 300 violin
    4.) YOLO. Or do you?
    5.) Rated R

  29. guadalupeeduardo says:

    Movie trailer
    1. Cast
    A. Gilgamesh Paul Walker he acts good
    B. Enkidu Will Smith cause I like men in black 3
    C. Utnapishtim the rock cause he is a wrestler
    D. Ishta megan fox cause she is good looking
    2. 3 key scenes that trailer would show
    1.The dream Because he dreams that he dies
    2.the fountain It makes people younger
    3.when people dress enkidu with skin It makes him look powerful
    3. Music
    Dramatic instrumental music
    4. Prepare to feel immortal
    5. Rated

  30. amandakilby says:

    Movie Trailer: The Epic of Gilgamesh

    a. Gilgamesh: Brad Pitt- He plays the main character in a lot of movies like this. He can stay serious and he’s in good enough shape to take on the quest for immortality. :p
    b. Enkidu: Ryan Gosling- I would hate to see him die, but I feel like he would be able to play this part because he’s a good actor. And he’s good looking. (;
    c. Utnapishtim: Morgan Freeman- I’ve always thought he was an amazing actor, he can be serious or funny. Not to mention the way he handles himself, and the way he talks makes me think he would be perfect for this part.
    d. Ishtar: Anne Hathaway- She seems like the queen type, she’s fair skinned and beautiful. She also has a soft voice.

    2. It would be a good movie because of the fact that it’s more serious. A lot of older folks such as parents and young adults actually enjoy something that grabs their attention such as a nerve wrenching quest for immortality. Immortality is also something we all think and wonder about whether we admit it or not, so to have a movie about it will just feed our imagination. And it would give a lot of famous actors a chance to be in one amazing film together.
    3.Key scenes:
    a. When he has the dream.
    b. When he goes into the underworld.
    c. When he finds the flower.
    4.Music: Suspenseful.
    5.Tagline: Friends till the end…or is it just the beginning?
    6.Rating: PG-13

  31. leonel hernandez says:

    1. Cast:
    A .Gerard butler – Gilgamesh because he has that determine face to finish accomplish everything he needs to do right and take down anything or anyone in his

    .enkidu – Christian bale- he is one of the few actors that makes every part of his movies dramatic and amazing
    C. utnapishtim: Morgan freeman – he is a very good actor one the best in my opinion. His body gestures and how he acts. He would be the perfect one for this role
    D. sitar – Emma Watson- the only actually that I can think of that can play this roll in my opinion extremely great very talented and gifted
    2. Key scenes that trailer would show
    A. encode having his dream horrible dream telling Gilgamesh and showing him dying
    Behest descend to hell it would just give that” I wonder what’s down and what’s is going to happen “
    C. the story of about the flood where he tells the story and show all the damage and disaster that happen
    Music: dramatic or orchestra
    Tagline: Ever wonder how the living dead looks like
    Ratings – this movie is rated R

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