Current Events: Ski Helmets

What do you think?  Should kids in California be required to wear a helmet when they ski?  Why or why not?  In what other situations are we required to wear helmets?


11 comments on “Current Events: Ski Helmets

  1. I think the children in California should be required to wear a helmet when they ski because why would they risk getting a head injuries when they can just wear a helmet. Some other situations that require wearing a helmet is when you ride on a motorcycle because if you wreck then you know something bad is going to happen to you.

  2. Alan Ruiz says:

    i think they should because if they fall from skiing, then they can get a head injury helmets should be used in contact sports like football hockey skiing or skating because you and trip over something and fall and bust you’re head which it’s not going to look pretty.

  3. deedee9211 says:

    My opinion about the kids in California wearing helmets when they ski is that they should. People are all the time getting hurt or getting killed on a number of things, some just might be skiing. Some people ski everyday of their life but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t get hurt. So for safety precautions people should wear ski helmets when they ski to lower the risk of getting a head injury. Other people in the world wear helmets for example when people ride bikes up and down the road, people on motorcycles, people who ride bulls or horses. There is a lot of reasons why you should wear helmet while doing dangerous things.

  4. raineebae says:

    I personally think in my opioin, that they should have to wear helmets when skiing. I say this because the people who are skiing, and the people around them can get seriously injured or even have a chance of dieing. Ohter sports we use helmets in would be, Professional bike riding, dirt bike racing, forwheeler racing, and alot more.

  5. daddysgal97 says:

    I think that they should wear helmets because just in case they get hurt they have protection. On the other hand if they dont want to use one they shouldnt have to use one. It’s a free country, I think that we should do what ever you want to do. If the child does not want to wear a helmet but the parent wants them to then, I think they should. If their mother and father dont want them to, then they should have one on.

  6. dylanwyatt says:

    People in california should be able to make their own choice. If they want to wear a helmet wear one. If you dont want to wear one you should be able to make your own choices and wearing a helmet whenou ski should be a choice.

  7. billdyer4th says:

    just because something bad has happened dont mean that there should be a law mad that would make the would a bad place to live

  8. amberrawr says:

    i think if the parents want them to wear it then they should wear them but if the parents dont care the its the kids chioce, because ifs not the gov. chioce its the parents and the kids chioce. we use helmets for bike riding, snow borading and racing.

  9. michael161996 says:

    i think that people shud waer a helment when snow bording

  10. paytonmcneil says:

    I think that it should be up to the person. But i think there needs to be a age limit for it like for little kids. And if a little kid wears them then more people will when they get older and We are suppost to wear a ride bikes and skatebording and stuff like that but its differnt for other states

  11. I belive that they should let the kids do what they want to. Becasue most wont wear on anyways so why stress about it. But its there choice if they want to wear a helmat or not so its there fault.

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