Research Paper Requirements

Research Paper Requirements

Go to this link, scroll down until you find “Sample Works Cited Page,” and click to open it.  This page is due by the end of class today, December 4th.


Research Paper Outline Examples

Research Paper Outline


Thesis:  F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the most influential American writers because his works appeal to audiences across generations.


Life of Fitzgerald: 


– Born in ___________________________

– Raised in __________________________

– Parents ____________________________

– Education __________________________

– Hobbies he had __________________________

– Relationships with ______________________

– Influenced by ___________________

– Role models were __________________________

– Traveled to _____________________________

– Settled down in _________________

– Died of _________________________

– Died in  ________________________


Impact of Fitzgerald’s Work:


Big works

            – The Great Gatsby

            – Tender is the Night

            – Short stories

– Should Gatsby be considered the ‘Great American novel’?

– Why does Gatsby appeal to audiences everywhere, across time and space?

            – The American Dream

            – Love story

            – Reality vs. dreams

            – Social commentary

            – The Jazz Age is timeless

– Effects of The Great Gatsby

            – How did people react?

            – Why did they react this way?

            – What happened because of this reaction?

– How has Gatsby influenced society today?

            – Fashion

                        – Headbands

                        – Flapper dresses

                        – Prints

            – The movie

                        – Huge box office hit

                        – Jazzed up to be compared to modern society

            – Music