Research Paper Requirements

Research Paper Requirements

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Starting Your Research Paper

Today we will begin discussing your research paper assignment….dun dun dun!  The requirements are as follows:

Research Paper                                                        

English III


Decide on an American author you admire, respect, and want to learn more about.  If you have other ideas about who/what you want to write about, you should have already cleared this with me.

(You can also research an accredited director or an event in US History.  By accredited, I mean there will be plenty of credible sources available for you to use for research.)



4-5 pages, 4 is the minimum, must be typed, double spaced, and in 12 size font

Source requirement is at least five Internet sources, one quote from an “interview,” and a picture/graphic.  (The only thing that isn’t the same as a GP research paper is a print source.  Try to use a print source, just to give yourself practice.)


  • At least two pages about the life of the author. ( discuss their style)
  • A couple of pages about the impact of the author’s writing, your favorite pieces, etc.  (That would work for a director, too.) For an event, you discuss the effects of the event, the impact.  This could also work well for a historical figure.  Paper just cannot be all biographical.
  • Analysis means you analyze, dig deeper, not just summarize or tell me why you like them.
  • Your works cited page does not count as a page in your research paper.  You thought you were slick, didn’t ya?


As you begin your notes, make a list of questions you would like for your paper to answer.  Then list below website links.  After you finish, begin taking notes, and color code your notes, so that you can see if you are blending. Make each website’s information a different color.


Due Dates:


Notes:  at least three to four pages of notes.  Remember, the goal of this assignment is to practice blending sources and writing a strong research paper.  Take notes from multiple sources that you can blend together.  Due, Monday, December 2nd.

Thesis: Due, Monday, December 2nd.  (One statement that encompasses all of your research)

Outline: Due Monday, December 2nd.  ( a  list of what you will cover in your paper)

Works Cited page: Due Tuesday, December 3rd (use

Rough Draft: Due Friday, December 6th.  (Complete draft of paper is due.  You will have a chance to revise, but not to add back points that were taken off because of missing components.  Must have the number of pages required, sources required, picture, quote, etc.)

Final Draft: Due Friday, December 13th.

Nonfiction Elements

Take notes on nonfiction texts from (under Nonfiction Texts Structure). Using the internet, locate one example of each type of nonfiction text and record what examples you found for each of the five types of nonfiction.  Then, choose one article to read and write a paragraph explaining how the author structures it to make it useful for the reader.

Examining the American Dream

In your group, you will be assigned one of the following articles to work on.  Your job is to read it, determine what it is telling us about the American Dream, and then answer a few questions.